326. Cover for Chris?

Dan - Wednesday December 31, 2008

So, I was planning on covering for Chris’s sorry ass because he’s got to go and be all “Look at me, I’m Chris, I don’t have to do a comic today because I’m going away somewhere and actually enjoy my vacation”. So now I’m stuck with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Thanks, Chris.

Even worse: due to certain restraints, I cannot get to my computer. So I’m Photoshop-less. I don’t feel like using MS Paint, so we’ll do this whole comic verbally.

Don’t worry, it won’t ruin the humor of it.

So the first panel has a dyslexic couple at a basketball game looking–

-Wait, you’re not supposed to know they’re dyslexic yet.


Oh well, two awful “comics” in a row. Tomorrow is another day. Third time’s a charm?

P.S.: Don’t ever make me cover for you, Chris.