209. Still In China…

Anthony - Saturday August 16, 2008

Hey guys, no comic today…but I thought I’d compensate for that by sharing my trip to China with all of you.

So far in China, I have…

-almost been run over by three cars, two bicycles, and one bus. (Two of the cars were government vehicles)

-seen more KFC’s on one block than I have in my own town

-almost memorized the Chinese national anthem from hearing it everywhere

-only seen clear blue skies once

-been pushed aside on the subway by an old woman and a child

-seen as many Chinese flags as there are people in Beijing

However, Beijing is awesome overall. The streets and department stores are lined with police and military patrolmen, which makes the city really safe. It seems like China is trying its hardest to display Beijing at its best to the rest of the world, and its really working out.